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Looking to add an Italian touch to your table this season? Choose from these must-have dishes that many Italians adore during the holidays. Whether it’s sweet panettone or savory chestnuts, each item is packed with tradition and a whole lot of flavor.

1. Panettone
This sweet, fluffy bread speckled with candied fruits and raisins is an iconic Italian Christmas treat. Served alongside an espresso or paired with a glass of wine, panettone is a true symbol of the holiday season.

2. Struffoli
These bite-sized, fried dough balls are covered in honey and often topped with colorful confetti-like
sprinkles. They’re a beloved Neapolitan dessert that symbolizes good luck for the new year.

3. Baccalà
Salted codfish —fried, stewed, or baked—is a classic Christmas Eve dish in many Italian households. Its
roots trace back to the tradition of not eating meat on this special occasion.

4. Tortellini in Brodo
Tiny, stuffed pasta paired with a flavorful broth makes for a comforting and traditional Christmas dish, especially in regions like Emilia-Romagna. You can make your own version of this classic using Oggi’s Quatro Formaggi tortellini!

5. Ricciarelli
These soft, almond-based cookies originating from Siena are a holiday favorite. Often dusted with
powdered sugar, these chewy treats have a perfect blend of sweet and nutty flavors.

6. Torrone
A traditional nougat treat that blends honey, sugar, egg whites, and toasted nuts into different
textures—hard, soft, crunchy. It’s a great dessert or snack cherished during the holiday season.

7. Cotechino e Lenticchie
In some regions, especially in the north, a dish of pork sausage (Cotechino) served with lentils is
considered a symbol of prosperity and good fortune for the coming year.

8. Roasted Chestnuts
Roasted chestnuts, known as “castagne arrosto,” are a popular snack enjoyed by many Italians during
wintertime, and are often associated with traditional Christmas markets.

This list covers a few classic Italian goodies, but there are still so many more holiday dishes to discover!
Continue to explore, and don’t forget to bring your favorites to your holiday table this year. It’s all about
building traditions and making memories with your loved ones, one tasty bite at a time.

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