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          You can also try our gluten-free pasta, which is easy to cook and full of flavor. Oggi Foods is the best choice for a healthy and satisfying meal. Try it today and taste the difference.

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Slicing Through 2023’s Pizza Trends

1 February 2024

Blog / Slicing Through 2023’s Pizza Trends

Let’s dish about the pizza trends that topped the charts this past year. In 2023, our cherished and widely-loved comfort food ventured into some pretty exciting new territories. Let’s uncover our favorites, shall we?

Slicing Through 2023’s Pizza Trends

Pickles: A Tangy Twist on Tradition

Guess what’s topping pizzas now? Pickles! That’s right, these tangy, crunchy delights have found a new home. The unexpected contrast they bring to savory pizza flavors is just something else. From classic dill to punchy garlic, pickles on pizza won hearts and taste buds this year.

Ranch Dressing Drizzles: Creamy Perfection

Move over, traditional pizza sauces! A creamy drizzle of ranch has become an unconventional yet irresistibly delicious topping. That cool and tangy kick takes each bite to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Plant-Based Revolution: Crusts, Meats, Cheeses

Plant-Based Revolution: Crusts, Meats, Cheeses

In response to the growing demand for vegan and sustainable options, pizzerias have stepped up their game with an array of plant-based choices. Innovative gluten-free crusts (just like Oggi’s cauliflower crust) cater to gluten-sensitive and health-conscious customers. Plus, plant-based meats and cheeses have found their way onto pizzas, offering rich flavors without compromising on preferences or taste. We personally can’t get enough of the vegan sausage crumble on Oggi’s Siciliana pizza!

Online Ordering: Easy Peasy Pizza Pleasing

The convenience of online ordering continues to skyrocket, reshaping the way we enjoy our favorite pizzas. Seamless interfaces, personalized toppings, and quick delivery have made ordering pizza an effortless experience. With endless online options, the digital pizza revolution is showing no signs of slowing down.

Sweet Surprises: Hot Honey and Jams

While savory toppings often steal the show, sweet options are having their moment too. Hot honey, with its perfect blend of sweet and spicy, is a huge hit. And jams, from fig to raspberry, add that unexpected sweetness that keeps things interesting.

New York Style: The Timeless Favorite

In the realm of pizza preferences, the New York style continues to hold its coveted position at number one. Thin, foldable slices with that perfect crispness—there’s just something special about it. Its simplicity with top-quality ingredients keeps it reigning supreme.

As we indulge in the delightful pizza trends of 2023, it’s clear that innovation and creativity are keeping the pizza world lively and full of surprises. From quirky toppings to catering to different tastes, you never know what the next year will hold!

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